Security fence also called Y type security fence, a high strength and security fence product, which is constituted by v type support arm, strength welded mesh panel, hot dipped galvanized razor wire and anti-theft security connections. The razor barbed wire on top of the fence greatly enhanced safety protection. Security fence at the high seucurity places plays an important role in the site construction. Security fence is mainly used for the security and performance of the airport,prison.Besides,Security Fence is also widely used in roads, railways and bridges on either side of the isolation area, ports, etc.


1.Material: Iron, Stainless Steel,Galvanized wire, Galfan wire.

2.Surface Treatment: Electro-galvanzied,Hot-dipped Galvanized,Powder coated,PVC coated,Painted.

3.Mesh type: Welded mesh, chain link mesh.

4.Application:  Airports, prisons, roads, railways and bridges on either side of the isolation area, ports, lawns, municipal construction, zoo, hotels, supermarkets, etc.. 


1.Security fence is much higher than the normal mesh fence, because of the razor wire on the top. If  the fence panel is 2 meter high, the diameter of the razor wire is 0.5 meter, plus the space about 0.2 meter between the razor wire and the fence panel, the security fence on the ground can reach 2.7m. It will be a quite high wall and difficult to climb over.

2. It adopt electro galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, PVC coated or powder coated to anti corrosion, has the features of anti-aging, anti-sunshine, durable. Its appearance is attractive, and its design and color is various, have both fence effect and beautify effect. 

3.Due to its high safety, good anti-climbing ability, mesh connections using special customized tight fastener, it effectively prevent cases of human destructive disassembly. 


Wire thickness4mm4.5mm5mm5.5mm6mm6.5mm7mm
Hole size 50x200mm as standard or as per your requirements 


Square post50x50mm60x60mm60x80mm80x80mm100x100mm

Top TypeBarbed wireBarbed wire + Razor wireMesh panel+ Razor wire

RemarksSecurity fence comes in different sizes which can be customized.